Jul 28, 2020

Netanyahu blinks first and meets Gafni's demands

MK Gafni stood his ground in the Knesset Finance Committee and refused to budge on his demands for including all children, even beyond the third in a family, in the stimulus grant, and PM Netanyahu and the finance Ministry announced a short while that they have greed to his demands.

According to the adjusted stimulus program, the additional children will get the payout (the parents will, on their behalf), but not the same amount of money. Every adult is getting 750nis, while the first 3 children will be getting 500nis each. 

The inclusion of additional children is at different rates. While the fourth child will also get 500nis, the fifth will only get 250nis, and children number 6 and beyond will get 100nis each.

I don't know why they get less, and why 6 and beyond get so much less, but something is better than nothing.

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  1. it seems the media announcement (instigated by someone in the Likud) was premature. Katz and Gafni are meeting now. Katz is insisting he has not approved any changes form the original plan and Gafni is threatening to shoot down the entire proposal and ensure that it does not pass the vote.

  2. it turned out even better. from the fifth child and on the grant will be 300nis each

  3. I don't know why they get less, and why 6 and beyond get so much les
    One possible explanation would be that there is no overarching vision, simply political expediency. I'm sure there are others but I haven't heard any vision articulated in a give and take fashion


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