Jul 28, 2020

Meir Kay's Podcast: Zelda Volkov - Wearing Wigs On Your Own Terms (EP. 36) (video)

Since the 1950s, when affordable synthetic wigs first went on the market, sheitels favored within Orthodox communities have tended to be dark, short cuts. They didn’t look natural and they’re not meant to be. For Orthodox women, wigs are a kind of religious headwear, like the yarmulka for men, that signal: “I’m married, I’m observant, I’m Jewish.” Zelda Volkov, a Crown Heights native, used to wear a traditional sheitel. Zelda decision to start selling wigs was inspired by her own personal, traumatic experience with a short, bristly sheitel as a teenaged bride. Her transformation began with a trip to her mother’s sheitel-macher, or, “wig lady.” She walked into the shop as a woman with long, blonde hair, and walked out wearing the standard model: a dark bob with bangs. Zelda Hair specializes in sheitels — a Yiddish word that refers to the wigs worn by married Jewish women. Zelda's goal with Zelda's Hair is to make wigs as natural and as similar to your hair as possible. Zelda Wigs, in Crown Heights, and Zelda regularly holds pop-up shops in Paris, Israel and across the United States. She also ships wigs worldwide! Zelda has incredible energy, she's a powerful leader, and throughout this podcast we talk about stigma's around wearing wigs. I hope this episode will bring less shame to the ideas talked about on here and open up much needed conversations around the subject. Have a listen, let's talk things out and thank you all for listening.

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