Jul 27, 2020

Quote of the Day

Children numbers 4 and 5 will grow up with the feeling that the State doesn't want them. They are going to talk to us about equal rights/benefits? There is no greater theft and damage than taking away the grant of these children..

  -- MK Yisrael Eichler (UTJ)

I love Eichler. he is so much fun. 

the State doesnt want them? Because they didn't get free money once?
theft? taking the money away from the children? it is money that wasnt given to children. Nothing was stolen and nothing was taken away.

As I have said before, I happen to agree with the UTJ position on this. I think the State should be giving the money for all children, not just up to the third child, in this case. It is a special grant that was announced to be for everyone, not only for people who qualify under certain categories, such as elderly, poor, Holocaust survivors, children, served in army, etc. Everyone. So why cap it at a number of children?

But it isn't theft. Nobody is stealing money from these children, or telling them they are not wanted.

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