Jul 26, 2020

Hatzlah volunteers in Tel Aviv to fly to emergencies with Bird scooters

Calcalist is reporting on an arrangement between Bird Scooters and Hatzalah that will allow Hatzalah medics in Tel Aviv free access to the Bird scooters located around the city when rushing to a medical emergency.

Tel Aviv is a crowded urban area with difficult traffic and congestion and also congested pedestrian walkways. that makes the normal quick response of Hatzalah a bit more difficult in Tel Aviv. With scooters all around the city for scooter-sharing services, Bird giving Hatzalah volunteers free access to the readily available scooters will speed up response time in Tel Aviv.

This is a great initiative that might be expanded to other cities - around Israel and around the world.

Hatzalah volunteers in TelAviv should be able to fly to the calls now..

Good job to everyone involved. 

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