Jul 16, 2020

confusing Lockdown Closure awaiting approval tonight

More confounding decisions from the government (still awaiting final approval) regarding CoronaVirus restrictions.

the new restrictions include:
full lockdown over the weekends
indoor gatherings, including shuls, limited to 10 people
outdoor gatherings limited to 20 people (this was already the limit since last week, if I am not mistaken)
restaurants closed
schools/camps shutting down as of Sunday morning
closing gyms

hmmm.. what does full closure on the weekends mean? Do so many people travel around the country on Shabbos that this will add so much to the fight against Corona? I get that during the week a closure/lockdown means shutting businesses and sending employees on furlough once again (or extending those already on furlough) and they are trying to avoid that as much as possible, but how much does a weekend closure really do?

What does a closure mean? Can we not go for walks? Can children go for Shabbos meals to nearby parents, and can parents go to the kids, or must everyone stay indoors and not venture out past 100 meters or so from their homes? Can we go to shul, or not, obviously limited to 10 people? can we go to the 20 person outdoor minyan, or not?

they just reopened the gyms after a big fight, and a couple days later they are closing them again

more confounding rules that will confuse the public, who won't bother keeping them because they make almost no sense

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  1. I think the weekend lockdown starts Thurs night - meant to prevent people going away for the weekend. That is how it was the last time.

  2. now they are saying the weekend closure will probably include shuls, so no minyanim at all. the allowance for 10/20 is only for during the week, not shabbos.
    i guess we'll see later this evening for sure when they [likely] approve it

  3. Ten people in shul on Shabbos is kind of ridiculous - I daven in a tiny minyan, and we have quite a bit more than ten people.


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