Jul 23, 2020

Quote of the Day

the Haredim in Jerusalem are protesting because of an avreich that was arrested 3 months ago for breaking the rules and for debatable claims of spitting at a female police officer. What would happen if a Tel Aviv resident would be sitting 3 months in jail for surfing against the rules?

  -- Dov Eichler, Haredi journalist for Kan broadcasting

what would happen? probably nothing. Most people probably would not know. Those who do, mostly would not think they need to protest on the surfer's behalf. the sense of community that causes the Haredi community to go out and protest every time someone gets arrested is beautiful, though the protests are not necessarily so, but the comparison to Tel Aviv is, I think, a fail.

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  1. Well if the surfer was offered house arrest instead of jail but refused to leave because he didn't want to wear an electronic tracking device (OK, I don't have a surfer equivalent of Friedman's not wanting to wear it on Shabbat, let's say his house arrest would have let him go to the beach every Friday but he wouldn't be able to go surfing with the device because salt-water would ruin it) ...

    1. good point on the technical difference. though if h got out and was required to wear an ankle bracelet I am sure they would protest that as well


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