Jul 21, 2020

Facebook Status of the Day

this is the first I am hearing about this trend or discussion. I am a bit wowed. for years people have been talking about sending to public school with after school Jewish education because of the high tuition and the crisis it causes so many. on the one hand this is a good idea. The kids will get the education without the high tuition and without having to mix with the non-Jewish kids. It is the perfect opportunity for following through on the "threat" that they never otherwise would have done.

on the other hand, it does seem likely that what he says at the end is correct - many kids will surely not get a Jewish education, at least in a serious way. But then again, are they now? Many of our schools give a great education - but are all the kids getting a great education? So many just don't seem to fit in and the schools can't or don't customize anything for them. This has been discussed for decades, I am not saying a chiddush. Probably the kids that would not get a good Jewish education in such a scenario probably already are not anyways.

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