Jul 22, 2020

Philippine mother and son converts eviction order frozen

Remember the story of the mother and son converts who were originally from the Philippines? They had received eviction orders and were to be sent back tot he Philippines, due to overstaying visas and all sorts of technical mishaps with their appeals.

So here is an update:

Yesterday, according to Channel 12 News, the Ministry of Interior announced that the decision has been made and is final - the mother and son will be banished form Israel within 45 days.

Of course nothing is final until it actually happens, and even then it still isn't always final...

Less than 45 minutes later Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri announced that he is freezing the orders to send them home. According to Deri this situation will remain frozen until after the Corona period is over, whenever that will be, if ever, and only then will he review the case and make a decision.

So little Moshe Dovid gets to stay in Israel for the foreseeable future!

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