Jul 19, 2020

Interesting Psak: Publicize names of people with CoronaVirus

Rav Mordechai Malka, Chief Rabbi of Elad, has paskened that the names of people infected with CoronaVirus should be publicized.

Rav Malka says there is no issue of kavod habriyut or any form of damage cause by publicizing the names of those with Corona, or the names of families in a specific building that has someone with Corona. This is a situation of danger to life and people need to know to be careful. In an apartment building with a number of families and one of the families has CoronaVirus, the names of those with the virus should be posted publicly in the building.

If your neighbor has someone with the virus and you do not know, maybe you will send your kid to the neighbor to  borrow some sugar, and along with the sugar he also brings back some Corona, and not the beer. Publicizing the names is necessary to protect the public.

Just like be metzora the kohen had to declare publicly that the person is a metzora, even though it would cause shame. There is an obligation to publicize this.
source: Actualic

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  1. That's ridiculous. A Rabbi saying this is beyond foolish. This is invasion of privacy. To compare this to a metzorah is ridiculous because that person talked loshon horah and might have hurt other people by doing so. This is something where the public has NO right to know without that person's permission.

    1. "that person talked loshon horah and might have hurt other people by doing so"

      The whole point here is that these people are doing much the same.

  2. not sure what you mean. doctors are bound by patient confidentiality. private citizens are not. in a case of pikuach nefesh, with many infected peopel treating the rules with such disregard, it seems in the rabbi's opinion the situation is dangerous enough that the importance of warning people overrides the privacy issues.


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