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Aug 5, 2006

interviewed on IBC

Iraqi Bloggers Central blog has interviewed me in his series of interviews (he calls them In T Views) with Israeli bloggers..
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  1. Rafi..
    Excellent job.. well put. articulate, strong and to the point.


  2. great interveiw!

  3. Wow you are famous, remember us from way back when. Good job, very wise answers.

  4. avromi - thanks

    shaya - thanks

    social - not exactly famous yet. thanks.

  5. thanks yaak, I have pursued these types of opportunities a bit because I feel it is important to get the Israeli viewpoint (as I see it) out to the broader public (by "broader" I mean people who would not necessarily read israeli blogs/newssites) and expose them to the Israeli position.

    I have another interview scheduled which I will soon advertise. This one is unusual in that he schedules them in order but invites people to submit questions for the interview. The more questions submitted for a specific interviewee, the further up the line he rises. Soon I will post the info for people to submit questions for me.

  6. I noticed that interview coming up on that other site. Great for you. Soon, you will have advertisers.

  7. thanks, avromi. Not looking for advertisers just yet...


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