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Aug 10, 2006

Shay and Dror with PM Siniora

Last night I read in the newspaper about another Shay and Dror prank call (remember the last with the Lebanese Burger King??). Shay and Dror have a radio program on Radio Tel Aviv.

According to the article, they called the Prime Minister of Lebanon's office to try to get him on the air. They got through and asked for the PM claiming they were John from the PM's office of England. After getting passed through one or two people, the PM himself finally got on the line. They told him they were very touched by his emotional speech the other day in which he cried about the situation.
he asked who was on the phone and they said you are live with Shay and Dror on Radio Tel Aviv. He immediately hung up the phone.

I am looking for a clip of this. If I find one, I will post it here..

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