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Aug 11, 2006

very important article

There is a very important Opinion piece in Ha'aretz today written by Ari Shavit. Click here to read it..


  1. Hard to believe that Haaretz printed it.

    In any case I heard Chaim Ramon going on this morning, the government is going to declare war. The only question is whether the people will see that the emperor has no clothes.

    I ma curious to see what Shas does. How can they stay in such a government?

  2. should be "declare victory" not "declare war"

  3. Amazing that Haaretz printed it.

    It does not really matter what they declare. It also does not matter what actually happens during the rest of the war. Even if starting today we do what we need to and totally decimate Hezabollah and attain every objective we originally set. Hezbollah has achieved chasing a million Israelis out of their homes and into bomb shelters for over a month. They have achieved shooting hundreds and thousands of rockets unabated into Israel. There is no longer any deterrance and I do not see how Israel can get that back.
    Regardless fo whether we end up winning or not, everybody knows Hezbollah has achieved a strategic victory.

  4. Great article. I was also suprised they printed it.


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