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Aug 28, 2006

softball fall season is here!

The above is a partial team picture from the last game of last season. We take the picture at a game and whoever showed up to the game ends up in the official team picture. So we only had 9 guys in our picture from last season.

The start of fall season was just announced. It will be starting unusually early next week. It generally starts after Sukkot..

Unfortunately, it looks as though I will not be able to play much this season, if at all. I am dealing with a possible meniscal tear in my knee. Physical therapy has not helped strengthen the knee. I have taken an xray and am going back to the doctor for another look and further consultation.

Hopefully I will not need surgery, but if the xray shows it is a meniscal tear as he suspects, from what I have found on the Internet it looks like arthoscopic surgery is the only solution (since physical therapy and some other solutions like wraps have already been tried and have not helped)...


  1. wow,
    that blows man. if you need me to help out and stuff just ask man

  2. for now just tell me your flight number and arrival time...
    after we get here we will talk about your taking out the garbage and heavy labor...

  3. shame... hope your knee gets fixed quickly and easily.

    good luck to your team anyway!

  4. rafi got old, hahahahaha

    it's ok rafi, I played through 2 groin tears, messed up knees, rotator cuff pain, and minor dings and dents. I got old too. But I still play from pesach thru rosh hashana! Les tells me - no kvetching if your gonna play!

  5. no kvetching for me... I have played through lots of pain over the years... though it seems you have had some pretty nasty injuries...
    this time though i physically cannot do anything more than walk or I feel like my leg will either fall off at the knee or explode.. so I have to get it taken care of so i can go play more.... I have not gone to play my weekly basketball game in about 5 weeks because of this knee...

  6. do you need orthoscopic surgery?

  7. looks like probably yes. I will see what the doc says tomorrow after he sees the xray. have you had arthoscopic surgery, among all your other problems?

  8. no - I keep pushing it off. as long as i can still play, i push off the surgery. The doc says I need it but between taking time off of either work or softball, there's no time right now. The doc just laughs at me now. I still haven't donethe bunion surgery for my other foot. It's only been 3 or 4 years since I did the first!

  9. the bunion was the worst. I would nto do another surgery on that either.. I would prefer the pain of playing with the bunion over the surgery.. but with this, I can't play

  10. Sorry about that, hope your team does well in any case.

  11. Refuah Shelayma. Maybe you'll be able to coach? You and Shaya look share a family resemblance. Too bad you couldn't show your readers a picture of your glasses you bought online.

  12. For heavens sake, just get the surgery! Arthroscopic surgery isn't that bad. It's only minimally invasive and it heals quickly! You'll be glad you did it. (I had it after I severed by anterior cruciate ligament, and needed a meniscus debridement as well. But just look at all the big word I know now, which I never would have learned otherwise!!) All the best. :)

  13. neil -thanks but I would be a horrible coach...

    yaakova - thanks for the boost. I am not tryig to avoid it. If I have to do it I will. The doctor does not like to go right away to invasive treatment so he tries physical therapy first. My follow-up appointment with him is today and I guess I will find out the word about surgery ina few hours...


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