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Aug 18, 2006

Who is this man?

As we drove past Herzliya yesterday evening, we passed the depiction of Theodore Herzl they have outside the city (picture below). As we drove by, I asked my kids if they know who it is..

My daughter right away screamed out, "I know!! Matisyahu!"


  1. lol but he's not wearing a black hat...

  2. lol.. it was the crossed arms (with the beard) that made her think that..

  3. be careful raf, you may just want her to tell her school she saw matisyahu and not herzl they may not like her knowing who herzl is.....

  4. Lol, it does kind of look like him!

  5. "If you will it, it is no dream" sounds like a good music lyric to me...

  6. baleboostah - it does.. especially with the crossed arms!

    wbm - my wife was thinking about that also..

  7. she knows about him because we have his album. I guess if Herzl would have put out an album there would be a greater chance she would know him too...

  8. we have Live at Stubbs and Youth, though I think Live at Stubbs was better...
    We have all sorts of Jewish music in the house. non-Jewish music is only played on the radio in the car and even then not much..

    She (all the kids really, but particularly her) loves music and is familiar with lots of different albums and musicians... (in the Jewish genre)


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