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Aug 31, 2006

The Sandman

Here we have a fascinating story of intrigue, crime, love, and betrayal.

I just have two questions:

1. How did the Rabbi happen to have a sack full of the special sand available just like that?

2. Did it work? Did she step on it and go back to her husband?


  1. I just want to know if it comes witha a warranty - what if she doesn't return to him? what if you pour it on the wrong doorstep - do you get someone else's women? or does it turn the guy gay instead?

    oy - so many questions - my head hurts - I didn't know us jews had so much magic avaliable to us. Oh yeah -to us it's not magic cause that would be assur. we call it "segulot"!

  2. so many questions... but bizarre. sounds a bit fictitious.

  3. papers often get details wrong, but I am sure the story in its general sense happened...

  4. he lit her dresses on fire, get arrested for it, and then the police let them go??? something sounds really strange.


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