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Aug 15, 2006

trip to America

This week I am on vacation from work. Due to the situation in the north, it was impossible to go to the "zimmer" (summer cottage), as we usually do, so we decided to stay home and do day trips in the area.

Well, yesterday we went to the USA on the day trip. Actually that would be the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv (we had to renew passports and register the baby as an American), but that has the status of U.S. territory, doesn't it? Regardless, the kids thought it was cool to go to the USA like that.. They will be telling their friends they went to America in the summer...


  1. themed day trips... that's such a good idea! :)

    where to tomorrow? chinatown? ;)

  2. great idea, but I did not know Israel has a chinatown!! maybe there is a section in the US embassy called Chinatown? hmmm...

  3. Sound like fun. Glad the kids had a good time.


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