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Aug 9, 2006

B'Teavon! (bon apetite)

I have finally decided to write up a "recipe" of sorts for the Kosher Cooking Carnival (hosted by Sarah this week).

Mind you, I do not have a real name for this recipe. Also, buyer beware, I will not be putting any specific amounts (like 1 cup of this and 2 handfuls of that with a pinch of something else), as I do not cook that much and when I do, I just about never follow the specific amounts in recipes (unless I am trying something very complicated for the first time) and the food pretty much always comes out great despite my lack of discipline...

I first ate this food in a restaurant as an appetizer and enjoyed it so much I figured I would try to copy it at home. Last Friday I had just gone a whole week with no meat (due to the 9 days) and finally it was over. I was in the mood for something extra, rather than just the regular Friday night dinner. So, I made this dish which we served as an appetizer. Everybody loved it and licked their plates clean, so if you are daring enough to try it (even if it does not sound like it will be great), I think you will enjoy..

Anyways, here goes.........

1. a chunk of chopped meat (again, no specific amounts. Take however much you need for the amount of people who will be eating it). Make sure it is either fresh or defrosted.
2. frying pan
3. salt
4. pepper
5. garlic (powder or cloves chopped up)
6. some oregano if desired
7. hummous (I buy it in the store, but f you want to make your own, get a recipe)
8. olive oil
9. other oil for frying (or margarine or whatever you use to sautee things in)
10. parsley
11. stove
12. matches (if pilot light does not work so well like on our stove)
13. plate
14. spoon

Take frying pan and stick it on the stove on top of a flame (I do not know how high - however high it needs to be to heat up the stuff). Spill a little oil in. Dice onion and put it in hot pan on stove in oil. Throw spices (the salt, pepper, garlic and oregano (not parsley) on top of onion. Let onion sautee for a bit.

When onions are ready (you will know because they will smell really good), take the chopped meat and throw it into the pan. Let it cook until it is cooked. Make sure to shake it up every now and then. The meat in the pan with the onions and stuff should be crumbly and not clumpy.

Prepare plate. Take spoon and scoop hummous out of container. Slap it onto the plate and a big clump. Take spoon and with the back, using a circular motion, spread the hummous around the plate with the middle of the plate having a thin layer of hummous and the edges should be thick and circular along the edges of the plate (like how they serve hummous in a restaurant). Spill olive oil (not too much) into middle of hummous (in the thin flat part). If so desired, throw a little chopped parsley into olive oil.

Take meat/onion combo and pour it into the middle of the hummous on top of the olive oil.

Serve (better if served when meat is hot) and enjoy.

NOTE: This recipe serves x number of people. x will depend on how much hummous and meat you used.


  1. so in other words:

    take some raw food, cook it, throw it on a plate and serve it....

    great recipe!!!! lol

  2. Sounds yummy what do you eat with the meat for carbs? So cute the way you write it, never saw a recipe by a guy lol.

  3. Shaya - that is about right, but a specific raw food with specifc way of serving it... lol!!!

    social - I do not even know what a carb is. However, this is an appetizer so if my recipe does not include carbs, feel free to throw some into the regular part of your meal..

  4. That sounds awesome, although I'm not sure if my family will like it. Although my 4 year old daughter and I share a love for my home-made hummous. Thanks!

  5. As a halfway decent cook myself I thought I might add a bit of detail...

    1 lb (2.2kilo)of chopped meat will typically searve 4 adults.

    when the onions begin to become clear is when you add the meat....any longer and the onions will burn

    finally, do not ever never never cook or use margarine unless you get the healthy kind made for cooking...margarine is made from partially hydrogenated fats that are cancer causing even when you don't cook with them, when you cook with it and break down those molecules you may as well become a heavy smoker because that stuff will kill you deader then smoking....

    my recomendation for sauteing is grapeseed oil...high smoke point and a very healthy oil and has a taste and texture reminiscent of butter.


  6. Carb is carbohydrate like a starch, tell me you know what a carbohydrate is. Sounds great in any case. Do you cook in your house?

  7. Neil - even better! so make it for yourself and enjoy!

    Dan - thanks for the addition. Everybody, listen to Dan's health tips and use his substitutes (though I have not yet tried them, and I have never seen grapeseed oil in Israel and have no idea where to get it).

    social - eat it with bread (challah on shabbos) or make sure you have your carbs elsewhere in the meal.. Is hummous a carb?

  8. Not really, probably has some in it. I was just curious don't worry about the carbs.

  9. I didn't think so, I am glad, now I can go in with my day. So do you cook at home?

  10. i never woulda imagined myself laughing from reading a recipe, but there you are. now, you should do a cooking show.

  11. ben - I am happy you enjoyed it!!

  12. social - only a little bit... basically when I want something unusual to eat and my wife either won't make it or I do not want to bother her... plus I do the (almost) weekly chollent..


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