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Aug 21, 2006

latest bumper sticker

Israelis love their bumper stickers. We print out new stickers poking fun at the latest situations faster than a speeding bullet. Somebody sent me pictures of a whole bunch of new ones today. I am posting the one I thought was the best from the bunch...


  1. Sorry you will need to explain it. I never get these things.

  2. it means "Forward to he bomb shelters". It is a play on words using the Kadima party slogan. Kadima means "forward" or "onward". As the swirl it uses a katyusha rocket and says forward to the bomb shelter!

  3. can you please link us to the others?

    You can see the Israeli attitude oozing out of this one... I love it! (Though of course the situation stinks)

  4. knaidel - I am pretty sure I deleted them.. I will keep my eyes open fo rmore and if they decent I will put them up

  5. the israeli bumper stickers are great... simple but good design and straight to the point!

  6. they really are great. Clealry thought up by Jewish brains. Joe just out one up on his site. i am going to steal it and put it up here as well..


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