Jun 30, 2015

The new Green Line in Jerusalem

and once again real life can sometimes be so funny that satire is not even needed.

The City of Jerusalem has announced that it is adding a new line to the Light Rail system.

The new line will run from the neighborhood of Gilo to Har Hatzofim, Mount Scopus, and will be a 19.6km route. The current line, known as the "Red Line", will meet up with it at the Central Bus Station terminal, for people to be able to transfer lines as necessary. The new line will be called the "Green Line".

Really? They are naming the new train line in Jerusalem that goes to Har Hatzofim - the green line? Isn't the name "the green line" already significant, and troublesome, enough, especially in Jerusalem?

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1 comment:

  1. I think it’s a great idea that the new light rail line will be called the “Green Line!”

    Israel's New "Green Line"


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