Feb 12, 2017

Headline of the Day

Food trucks get green light to roll into Jerusalem

-- Times of Israel

Food trucks can be great for city neighborhoods and provide awesome food options. They are known to have problems and many cities ban them or tightly regulate them regarding health and hygienic standards, so this will have to be administered and supervised carefully before we end up with problems.

I wonder how this would affect Shabbos and chilul shabbos in the city. A restaurant deciding to open on Shabbos is always a big deal. it becomes public knowledge very quickly. There are hechsher issues. There might be protests, though even if not they could be a target of attempts at legislation or public awareness campaigns... with a food truck it seems like it might be much easier for a restaurant to operate on Shabbos via the food truck, even if the owner keeps the actual restaurant closed on Shabbos, and it might be easier for them to get away with it, due to its size and mobility.... I don't know if there will be Shabbos restrictions on these food trucks getting licensed but if not I can see this becoming a serious breach in the ability to fight the ever-expanding amount of chilul shabbos in Jerusalem.

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  1. What will this do to the little neighborhood hole-in-the-wall food places like felafel and shwarma sellers?

  2. The pre-Redemption exile can be felt more intensely in Israel sometimes.


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