Feb 16, 2017

Proposed Law: Marriage 101

MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) has proposed a law, that has the support of MKs from both sides of the benches,

Glick has proposed that tax breaks be offered to young couples that take a course to prepare them for marriage. The course would be designed to give a newly married couple the tools with which to cope as a couple and family in modern times and to help prevent violence within the family unit. The courses would give tools for communication and problem solving.

The Ministry of Social Welfare will certify various institutions to provide these courses. Participating couples will receive a voucher which will be worth half a point in the tax credit system. Participating couples will also be exempt from the marriage registration fee and would get the cost of the course reimbursed.

Opponents to the proposal say that married life is private and among different families and couples there are different methodologies employed and it is not the business of the State to get involved in such private matters.
source: Kipa

Is this a good idea or not? My only thought is that with divorce rates so high, perhaps today's young couple are somehow less equipped to deal with differences and change than couples in previous generations were. If the courses are designed properly, maybe ti can be a good thing and something that strengthens the family.

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