Jan 14, 2007

Dr. Jeckyl or Mr. Hyde?

Which one of the two personalities will show up today to play ball? The Dr. Jeckyl edition of Rex Grossman or the Mr. Hyde version?

Will the good Rex or the lousy stinking Rex show up? Sorry to pound on a Jew, but Rex really needs to pull his act together today.
That will likely be the key to whether the Bears beat the Seattle Seahawks today in the first round of NFL playoffs.



  1. This is the last blog I expected to see a post on American football.

    I keep rereading that sentence and can't figure out if it's grammatical or not.

  2. we've all got our vices that are hard to get rid of. Mine are the Bears and the Cubs. (I do not care about football in general or baseball in general. just the bears and the cubs)


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