Jan 15, 2007

next up in the Tznius road show!!

The Tznius Road Show has been getting around.. It has made its appearances in Bnei Brak, Yerushalayim, Lakewood, recently Beitar and other places.

I have just found out that supposedly this coming Thursday the Tznius Road Show will be making its next stop in Bet Shemesh. The kannoim of Bet Shemesh felt they could not feel less frum than all these other cities by not hosting an appearance, so they put one together.

I do not yet know the format nor who will be speaking, but it will be held at Chanichei Hayeshivos Shul in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

If it would be held anywhere else, I would consider going, even if for the sole purpose of curiosity and blogging about what they say. However, because it is in the Chanichei Shul, I will not participate. That is the center for the kannoim of RBS and the place where all the crazy stuff you hear about goes down, so I do not go there.


  1. It would be a shame to miss a possibly wonderful event over the location chosen for its presentation. Perhaps you can still change your mind. :)

  2. can you describe the event? What do they do?

  3. Hungarian fundamentalism is changing the face of orthodoxy? discuss it here:


  4. independatnt - what a shame...

    Janitor - welcome...

  5. what's the 'tznius roadshow'?

    speakers? educational? inspirational?

  6. the tznius road show is what I am calling the current wave of a group of Rabbis going around lecturing the public about improving on the issue of tzniut. Mostly they are preaching to the choir. The lectures themselves do not really bother me much, but you might have seen a number of blogs take issue with these lectures over the past month...

  7. My wife heard that they will be unveiling the latest in clothing for a true, tznius, Bas Yisroel: the Berkshire, a head-to-toe garment with an opening for your eyes that is 100% shatnez-free. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but not in red.

  8. lol... don't forget loose fitting... and also it could not be head to toe - haredim consider skirts to the toe to be not tzanua because they are attracting...

  9. Interesting isn't it only for women to attend? I guess not.


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