Jan 1, 2007

leaked video from expulsion preparations

The following video was originally released by the army spokesperson. It was made and released to be a morale booster for the troops training to carry out the expulsion/evacuation of the (Jewish) residents of Gush Katif. The video was quickly retracted when they realized it looked bad, as though they were treating the expulsion light heartedly and as a primary goal, rather than with the sensitivity they claimed they were using.

The video had been released for a very short time. I never saw it because it was pulled very quickly, but had supposedly left a copy in the outside world. Someone just posted it the other day on YouTube and here I present it to you....


  1. My daughter (aged almost 11) watched this with me. She asked,"Why the soldiers looking so happy? Are they crazy?"

    I didn't answer.

  2. that is why it was originally pullled


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