Jan 19, 2007

Jblog Awareness month

Don't forget to be aware of JBlog Awareness Month. Click on the banner at the top of my sidebar and you will be taken to a (semi) random blog. I am randomly changing the link daily (as long as I can remember to actually change the link, no promises), so you never know where you will end. How exciting.


  1. Thanks for the links I like finding new blogs.

  2. Fairly interesting individual. When's my turn?

    You know, despite all my adventuring since I left frumkeit, not much has changed. In this whole Jblogothingieworld of yours, I'm still the kid at the back of the classroom who makes trouble in order to draw attention to himself; the class clown, if you will.
    Not that I have any problems with that role; as it keeps me preoccupied and my stat reports never fail to leave me happily wallowing in my own narcissism like a pig in shit.

    Good Shabbos to you and all of yours...


    P.S. I had a little too much kiddush-wine and I'm bored, hence the rambling.

  3. sholom - why do you think you are the kid in the back of the class in the jblog world? because I have not yet linked to your blog on the banner (yyou are in my blogroll)? The whole thing has been up two days and you are complaining you have not yet been linked to? your turn will come..

  4. Rafi,
    I wasn't complaining. I know that I'll be featured one of these days, and I'm just being an annoying nudnick until it happens.
    I'm certain that I'll be featured, and my only question is "when". It's obvious to me (and probably to everyone else as well) that a month dedicated to publicizing the "smaller" Jblogs would not dare to neglect this unmentionable Bizayon.

    In fact, I would assume that I will be one of the last individuals featured, which is preferable to me. In the meantime, I shall assist you in publicizing the Jblogothingie awareness month. (Don't click here!)


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