Jan 17, 2007

on air on bbc in a few minutes

I have been invited to participate in a "roundtable discussion" on the BBC, which will begin in a few minutes. The topic is the resignation of Chief of Staff Dan Halutz.

The link they gave me is here but I do not see any place there to listen. Maybe when it goes live there will be a link on that page.. they also told me it would be archived for listening later.... The link is on the right side where it says Listen Live


well that was pretty painless... I was asked what I thought about Halutz's resignation and then further asked about whether more heads will and should roll...


  1. Cool--so what did you say? Who else participated?

  2. it was not what I expected. I thought it would be about 8 people (that is what they told me) sitting "around a table" having a discussion about the resignation and political fallout.

    It was really the host of the show talking to the people participating. They called each person one at a time and asked his thoughts on the subject. That was interspersed with callers calling in voicing their opinion. It was not really a discussion with give and take.

    I basically rehashed what I wrote in my post on the subject. I said Halutz needed to resign and it was honorable of him to figre it out and do so, albeit much later than he should have. He was in a position where he could not function in rehabbing the army successfully as he has lost the confidence of the people he needs to work with.
    About whether this is the end of the story or if it is going to have a domino effect and whether Olmert/Peretz need to follow in his footsteps I said that they need to go as well and willbe forced out sooner or later. They cannot function in their jobs properly either. For example Olmert, aside from the failures of the war he is under multiple investigations. There is no way he can run a country with the important issues we have going with all that over his head. Sooner or later more heads will roll.

  3. Did you go by your blogname or your real name? I knew you before you were famous.
    Solly G.

  4. my blog name is my name...

    to answer the question though, that was a funny boo boo on their part. They said, "We have Rafi from Bethlehem on the line" I said actualyl I am not in bethlehem but in Bet Shemesh. They said, OH, ok. How are things in bet Shemesh?


  5. Bet Lehem, Bet Shemesh--close enough.


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