Jan 19, 2007

bring on those steaks!

I got a great "teudat hechsher" (kashrut certificate) today.

Softball season is fast approaching. Today is the day we had to take our stress tests to ensure that we would not collapse on the field from the overly strenuous sport being played, and if we do at least we would be insured.

At the end of my stress test I asked the technician how I did. The technician responded by saying, "As far as I am concerned, fine. You are in shape and fit. Keep doing what you are doing!"

I never thought I was in shape. At best, maybe not in bad enough shape to have a heart attack on the basketball course or softball field. But now I know I am in shape.

And not only that but they want me to continue eating red meat and hardly exercising (she said to keep doing what I am doing)!! There is a God!!!

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