Jan 25, 2007

interview awaiting Rabbinical decision

The interview I posted about earlier is now under Rabbinic advisement and awaiting a decision if and how to continue it.

If you already posted questions, do not worry, they are not deleted. I have them saved elsewhere and will use them if the interview continues.


  1. what does this mean - under advisement?

    you already posted the interview....huh?

  2. Not the interview with Rabbi Slifkin, the interview with that maniac blogger FKM.

  3. the follow up interview with the opposing opinion. It is on hold for now.
    There were some issues I had not been aware of that I just found out after I announced it and it might border on some halachic questions. So I am waiting for an answer from my Rav before proceeding.

  4. did i miss the party on this one?

  5. you did not miss the party. It has been cancelled.


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