Jan 12, 2007

throwing Ahmed Tibi a softball after nailing him..

Yesterday, Ahmed Tibi, and Arab MK who also serves as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, called, from the podium of the Knesset, on Fatah supporters to continue the struggle [against Israel] until a Palestinian state is created.

Tibi is well known as a "sympathizer" with the Palestinian cause. Actually he is known as far worse than a sympathizer. He is a former adviser to Yasser Arafat. Many suspect that instead of looking out for the interests of the Israeli Arab public, he is really using the Knesset as another front in his battle against Israel.

He drew the ire and criticism of the whole spectrum of Israeli politicians. Even members of the far left Meretz party criticized him, something they usually do not do, saying Tibi crossed the line calling for continued struggle, a euphemism for terrorism rather than just his usual identifying with the Palestinians and members of Fatah.

I heard an interview today on the radio with Ahmed Tibi. I would call this the "interview question of the day". The interview started off with Tibi defending what he said and explaining what he meant.
Tibi went on talking about Fatah and their struggle to achieve peace and create a state using the 1967 borders. The interviewer, I think Razi Barkai, then asked Tibi how that could be if Fatah was created in 1965, yet their goal has always been for the 1967 borders. They began their struggle even before 1967 and were attempting to take what is considered within the Green Line of Israel. How could Tibi then say their goal has always been a state using the '67 borders.

Let me tell you that was a great question. He nailed Tibi. Tibi had no response. He hemmed and hawed for a couple of moments and gave some answer that was not even on the topic.

Unfortunately the next question asked, which closed the interview, was basically Barkai throwing Tibi a softball. Rather than penning him in and continuing on the tough questions, he lobbed him an easy question giving Tibi an easy way out with a closing declaring his sympathies for the Palestinians and how bad the occupation has been to them..


  1. I'm amazed that Tibi had not been thrown out of the Knesset years ago.

    Even according to Knesset standards, was Rav Kahane, Z"L, more of a racist than Tibi is a traitor???

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  3. "He drew the ire and criticism of the whole spectrum of Israeli politicians. Even members of the far left Meretz party criticized him . . ."

    not impressed. i will be impressed when meretz calls for him to expelled from the keneseet and charged with incitement, and for his party to be outlawed under the kahane law.

    in the meantime the israeli left still considers him a bridge to the arab/palestinian community.

  4. yaak - you are right. Him along with Barakeh should have been declared persona non grata a long time ago.

    Ari - tafasta meruba lo tafasta - it is a start. maybe a small step, but at least a step.


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