Jan 10, 2007

money for naming a child

Jameel posted about an anonymous email he received. The email was about an elderly couple who is offering a young couple 5000 shekels for the couple to name their baby boy Haim Eliezer.

It seems this elderly couple only has daughters and only grand-daughters. They never had the opportunity to name a child after her (or was it his?) father.

So they are asking for someone willing to name their child after her father and they would pay 5000 NIS for that zechus.

Jameel checked out the story and sure enough it is somebody he knows. He has verified the details and the whole thing is true.

If you are in a position to do such a chessed for these people, head on over to The Muqata and leave Jameel a note. He will put you in touch with them.

BTW, if I understood correctly, the family must be living in Israel (and planning to stay).


  1. This is the first time I've heard such a request.
    There are hundreds of men with this name around, and if it's no relative what's the point?
    Pick any person with this name and pretend he was named after (her) father.
    It sounds a little surreal to me.

  2. Pragmat: I spoke to the woman...it may be surreal, but it's legit...and real.


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