Jan 24, 2007

rooting for the Bears and Israel

When I recently wrote about the Chicago Bears, a commenter expressed shock and surprise that on this blog, which generally only talks about Israel (and is very pro-Israel) and Jewish "culture" issues, I would show my enthusiasm for an American Footbal team, specifically the Chicago Bears.

Maybe the commenter has a fear of bears, similar to Stephen Colbert, and that is why she expressed her surprise. If that is the case, I wish to assure you that these are different bears and you have nothing to fear, though they are mauling their opponents just the same...

I have been thinking about her comment and have decided to respond to it in this post.

After thinking long and hard about how I can justify rooting for the Chicago Bears and doing so openly on this pro-Israel blog, I have finally thought of an explanation. Here goes.

Purely (almost purely) out of concern for the captured soldiers do I root for the victory of the Chicago Bears in the playoffs and the upcoming superbowl. A victory for the Chicago Bears is a victory for Israel. Rooting for the Chicago Bears is an expression of solidarity with Gilad Shalit, and, by extension, the other abducted soldiers.

How so? What is the connection, you might ask?

This is the most popular picture of Gilad Shalit that has been displayed in the various media since he was abducted by animals far worse than your average bear, be it a Brown bear, Black bear, or let alone a Grizzly bear.

If you look closely at the picture you will see that Gilad is wearing a Chicago Bears cap on his head. Gilad Shalit is clearly a fan of the Chicago bears. By rooting for victory by the Chicago Bears, I am rooting for victory of Gilad Shalit over his captors. I am rooting for his freedom. I am rooting for Israel.

Now I no longer have to feel guilty about using this pro-Israel forum for rooting for the Chicago Bears... They go hand in hand.


  1. you have got to be kidding me. stttrrrreeeeeeeeeeetch.
    rafi brace yourself, comentators are gonna come running for this one....

  2. this one is a little overdoing it, don't you think? but I like the connection so I posted it anyways...

  3. It was obviously tongue-in-cheek, but interesting, nonetheless.

    Check out this post from a while back.
    I think your brother will like it too.
    This was posted despite the fact that I'm a Cubs fan. :)

  4. and no mention of a jewish quarterback?

  5. interesting yaak...

    Dan - Rex Grossman is not Jewish, despite any rumors otherwise, according to Jewishsports.com

  6. Bread and circuses, Rafi; the empire distracts the populace.

  7. I seem not to be able to read the word verification, as this is my fourth try.

    Are there any Jewish fans on the other team? I don't even know who the bears are playing. Anyway, glad my comment got you to post something with more "tochen."

  8. they will be playing the Indianapolis Colts. I am sure they have Jewish fans, but do not know so personally.

    Maybe I should call on all Jewish fans of the Colts to support the Chicago Bears as a sign of solidarity with Shalit....

  9. Ah, Indianapolis. That's my neck of the woods. More or less. I'm pretty sure I know some fans.

  10. well, then you should tell them as soon as you can that for the sake of Israel and Shalit they should start rooting for the Bears.. :-)


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