Jan 30, 2007

horrible judgement

Check this out.

A 22 year old yeshiva student was late for his plane. When he got there they already closed the terminal and would not let him on. He said, in an attempt to convince them to let him on, that his brothers funeral was the next day and he had to be on the flight (the article does not say if this was true or not).

The employee did not let him on, so he went to a phone and called in a bomb threat.

He was sentenced to pay a $1,000 fine, wear an electronic monitoring bracelet while confined to his home for six months and perform 200 hours of community service.

Talk about stupid.


  1. I think that the "problem" with this story is not that someone would lie to get on a plane that he was late for, or even that the kid had "horrible judgment" or was stupid, as you called him, for not realizing that he would definitely be caught and punished.
    There are a lot of idiots in the world.
    The issue that should be addresses (as far as relating to "our" community) is that this yeshiva student who we do (and should) expect more from, did such a thing. Someone that is spending his whole day learning torah and keeping the mitzvoth and should be making himself a better person, etc., should have considered what he was doing (as is required of a Jew to consider everything that he does whether it is to be done or not). He was upset because he missed his flight and didn't want to be inconvenienced to wait for the next flight (whether missing his brother's funeral or not) so he tried to stop the whole plane and make all the passengers miss any appointment that they had to get to??
    As I said, there are many stupid people in the world, and many inconsiderate ones also, but we have the right to expect, and demand more from someone who should know better.

  2. you know yehuda, I almost wrote exactly that same point. Thenas I thought about it I said to myself why is that true? He is human too. He i sa 22 year old kid who does not know much about the world. I do nto expect him to know better just because he is in yeshiva learning. Maybe about some things, but not in general. I tyhink he was stupid thinking he could get away with a bomb threat.

  3. "He i sa 22 year old kid"

    22 y/o is not a kid. he should have had more sense and consideration

  4. ari - 22 years old is not a kid. But often in yeshivas you can find 22 year olds who are like kids. They have lived in environments that have kept them in very limited experiences and oftentimes they think and act like kids when not in their own environment.

    But you are right, at that age he should know better (at any age he should know not to make a fake bomb threat, especially in todays day and age, even at 15)


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