Apr 17, 2007

funny story with former Israeli minister

I just heard this story from someone who was involved and knows the story firsthand. This person is the CEO of a mental health facility.

He told me: A certain Minister of Health (not the current one) came to tour this mental health facility.

Somehow at some point he got stuck on his own in an enclosed, "padded" area. He called over the nurses to help him get out and he said "I am the Minister of Health and got lost, please help me out".
The nurses responded to him that he should sit down right there, all these other people also claim they are all sorts of ministers...


  1. when I worked for Dukakis, I visited mental hlth hospitals. You could only tell the diffence between staf and patients, because the staff wore key from a chain/string around their necks.

  2. hey dad. that's a great addition!


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