Apr 12, 2007

qotd (Quote of the Day)

Shimon Peres, "Israel has invested some 60 billion shekels in the territories [Judea, Samaria and Gaza]. Instead of this, we must invest in the sea, and stretch our western border in that direction by building artificial islands."

He brings new meaning to the old desire of the Arabs surrounding us to "throw the Jews into the sea".

I assume that just like in the '70's Peres was a supporter of the settlements and even established settlements over the Green Line as Minister of Defense and then later changed his position and supports dismantling the settlements and handing that land to the Arabs as a token of goodwill for the possibility of future peace, the same will hold true with this idea. He will build artificial islands and eventually advocate handing them over for potential peace.


  1. artificial is a good word to describe Peres. He wants an artificial land, since he doesn't believe in history.

  2. Peres is always looking for a new "easy" solution, a pipe dream that will solve all of our problems. Of course he'll never concede that any of his earlier big ideas failed. IMHO, he should take his pipe dreams to the Green Party and just "light up."

  3. Lou - you mean Green Leaf Party. And he can even do so on Pesach!


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