Apr 12, 2007

XP no longer

This really has nothing to do with Israel (o.k. it does because we use computers in Israel), but I feel like writing about it anyways.

According to this, Microsoft has begun telling computer makers that they will be phasing out Windows XP by the end of the year.

It seems that the new Windows Vista which was recently released into the marketplace has not been received warmly by the adoring public. Microsoft does not know what to do because they cannot move the boxes of Vista from their warehouses. So they are going to try forcing people to buy it. They will not be able to buy XP any longer, after the end of the year, and will have to go to Vista.

I will add that we have one computer at work with Vista and it is horrible. The user hates it and I hate it. None of our internal applications work on it. The interactivity on it is horrible and annoying.
I have yet to find anybody who is happy or even just satisfied using Windows Vista.

If Linux has not yet been a big enough threat to Windows, they now have the opportunity to make a move. Consumers will not be happy about this latest development. In the end I would guess that Microsoft will be forced to capitulate and not cancel XP.


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