Apr 20, 2007

the woman from the Amona photograph

By now pretty much everybody has seen the stunning photograph snapped by Israeli photographer Oded Balilty during the destruction of Amona last year. This photograph won Balilty a Pulitzer Prize. The photo is shocking in its contrast and shows the courage of a young woman standing strong (or at least trying to) against dozens of policemen.

Ynet has interviewed this young woman, Nili, and asked her what she thought of the award winning photograph. It is well worth your time to read it. She expresses her self very articulately and puts the whole thing into perspective..


  1. An amazing interview and I thought her word 'embarassment' summed up perfectly what it is like to view a photo of Jew against Jew......

  2. do you think this image will change the way israelis think about the settlers?

  3. good for her

    for what she did n what she said.

  4. ari - not in the slightest.


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