Apr 15, 2007

a schnorrfest

And I thought this kind of stuff only happened in Bet Shemesh. What a relief - now I know it is their general style and not just limited to BS...


  1. This post reminds me of the big posters put up in my neighborhood.

    They say: " Rav Elyashiv says that the ONLY or Best way to be mekayem ___(insert charity that needs to be given i.e. Matanos LeEvyonim etc) has to be given to Kupat Ha Eir.

    Such crap. They act like such greedy &%$@.

  2. This stuff happens everywhere there is Jews lol. I like your last line ....BS! I don't know if it was intentional but it's funny.

  3. what have we become? what are we coming to?
    Do they do this because we dont give enough?

    I am reminded of one time i was standing next to the father of a friend of mine in a particular community. Not a big jew town, but big enough. Someone was collecting during shachris and we were sitting in the front. By the time the "collector" got to the front of the shul, he seemed frustrated and said something like "no one gives in this town". To which my friend's father said: "you dont come here and speak loshon hora about us" and proceeded to give the man some cash.

    It always bothered me because if the man didn't say anything, was he going to give? The father feel more of the need to discipline the fact he spoke L"H or to give tzedaka? When these people come around, in their groups and start making up lies, and raising funds for non-related activities, etc, it is very very disturbing. But i wonder, do they do it because we dont give if they didn't??? Or maybe no one would give their neighborhood, so they have to come to ours?


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