Apr 19, 2007

new law proposed

MK Aryeh Eldad has submitted a proposal for a new law that would say that any government that has above 10% of its ministers under investigation, that government will be declared a "Government of Disgrace" and will be dissolved, as if the PM had resigned, and all the laws relating to effecting new elections in such a situation would apply.

The current government has 26 ministers. 3 of them (Olmert, Hirschson and Edri) are currently under investigation, not including Haim Ramon who has already been convicted. If the law passes, that would put this government in a very precarious position.

The only problem I see with this law (aside from possibly grandfathering the current government) is that the Prime Minister could simply appoint some new ministers (thereby lowering the percentages) or fire the ones under investigation and thereby avoid the repercussions. I wonder if the proposed law will deal with such manipulation.


  1. I'm all for laws against corruption, but this type of legislation doesn't seem to really address the problem.

  2. This is a silly law that is pure grandstanding.

  3. If such a law were to be passed worldwide, there would be very few functioning governments left in place....

  4. rafi,

    off the topic, but someone by me that yekkis say yizkor only on yom kippur. is this true?


  5. It is an attempt to knock out the government, since all normal ways have not worked (though none has really seriously been tried) because the MKs really do not want to risk their seats, which is what new elections would do...

    ari - I have no idea. I am yekkish but we never lived in a yekkish community. The most was the shul we grew up in had been founded by a few yekkis...I am not familiar with the nusach tefilla of yekkim


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