Apr 18, 2007

lack of confidence

My brother, a volunteer combat soldier in the Israeli army told me this story. He had a trainging session today with weapons. His instructor told the group that if the need should arise, they should kill first and ask later. He said, if you get captured you cannot rely on Olmert to get you back, so don't get captured.

Isn't it great that our army trusts the Prime Minister and the other "decision makers"???


  1. actually, i appreciate that. i appreciate honesty and reality vs their stupid n senseless behavior till now.

  2. I hear your point... though this was a training instructor and nto a hig level general. Those guys are still concerned about the politics...

  3. i told the story to my israeli co-workers... they were speechless. I think its a slow coming realization that perhaps we aren't as devoted to each other as we used to be...

  4. Rafi,
    thats how it should be inall of israel, sadly everyone is too scared to shoot, least they get arrested..

    I am more scared here in nyc than the casaba of shechem lol


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