Apr 26, 2007

Vote for Me!!! NO! Vote for Me!!!

I was not going to do this, but I now figure "why not?". It is not that big a deal.

The JIB awards are in full gear (practically). The site has even been hacked a couple of times. No website can claim any value or importance until it has been hacked, and now the JIBs have been hacked at least twice. So the JIBs are now important.

I am competing in a few categories, but my Torah blogs are competing against a couple of big boys and have absolutely no chance (though I would have liked for Torah Thoughts to have a strong showing), so I will not even mention those.

Life in Israel (this blog) is competing in Best Small Blog Group D and is still holding the Round 1 lead. The voting there is getting very close and my lead has been whittled down to just a couple of votes, so if you don't mind taking the time, head on over to the voting and vote for me.

I am also competing in Best Slice of Life in Israel Group A but don't really have much of a chance. This is the category I would have preferred to be recognized in and maybe, with your help, we can have a putsch and make a run for second place (or, who knows, maybe even first). So head on over to the voting and vote for me.


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