Jul 11, 2010

Bet Shemesh discrimination against Anglos

In a further display of discrimination, the city of Bet Shemesh, led by Mayor Moshe Abutbol, is sponsoring a viewing of the World Cup Final tonight at 21:00 at the Bet Shemesh Amphitheater. Entrance is free of charge and all they ask is that you come and have a good time.

I say this is discrimination because the Bet Shemesh Municipality has never sponsored free viewing of the World Series, of the NBA championships, of NHL finals or of the Superbowl.

I call upon our mayor and his minions on the city council to approve free viewing in the future of real sports finals for the large Anglo community residing in Bet Shemesh!


  1. You mean "Americans" not "Anglos". Real Anglos come from the land of the Angles aka England :-).

  2. I didnt want to limit it to just Americans because some of those sports are followed by non-Americans as well (mostly basketball.

    And today Anglo means mostly from English-speaking/Western countries.

    Another factor was that I am not sure if we only look at Americans specifically if there are enough to justify such an event. We might need the Europeans, Canadians and some others to pad the numbers...

  3. I feel like this Mayor is not going to care what any minority has to say. Oh, maybe you can rally outside his house though?

  4. Rafi (not G) - you took the words out of my mouth...! :))
    (Even if I am Sow Theffricun, we're still culturally a colony of Mother England!)


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