Jul 13, 2010

Bet Shemesh is looking for a slogan

The upcoming year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the city, originally as a maabara, or refugee camp (also known as a tent city) that has grown to a city pushing up to nearly 100,000 residents today.

According to Ladaat.net, Bet Shemesh is having a competition to honor the occasion. Bet Shemesh is looking for a slogan for the year of festivities, and is looking to the residents to come up with something appropriate. The winning slogan will be used in all Bet Shemesh publicity during the 60th year celebrations. Another competition will be to create a logo. The creator of the winning slogan will win a monetary prize, and will receive a certificate of honor at the main event, presented by the mayor.

Mati Rosenzweig, Spokesman of Bet Shemesh, says the slogan should be short and catchy, and be appropriate for the unique motifs of Bet Shemesh.

Slogans can be submitted until the end of August by sending them to the office of the City Spokesman in Iryat Bet Shemesh at 5 Herzl St. Perhaps there is also an email address, but Ladaat doesn't say.

While your serious entries should not be posted here (as someone might "steal" them from you and submit them in his or her own name), but should be submitted to Rosenzweig, please submit your funny attempts to come up with a winning slogan here in the comments...


  1. Beit Shemesh - from Zionist Maabarah to anti-Zionist Chareidi enclave in only 3 generations!

    (Festivities cancelled due to aforementioned Chareidi objections)

  2. Bet Shemesh - Hebrew is our second language (or third in some cases)!

  3. Gernel: Michael Savage lol

  4. Bet Shemesh-It could be such a nice place to live! ( said with a sigh).

  5. Bet Shemesh - 45 minutes or less to anywhere in Israel (that matters)

  6. Bet Shemesh - yes, unfortunately, RBS B IS part of our city....

  7. Beit Shemesh - no, not RBS B


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