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Jul 22, 2010


Dr. Ari Zivotofsky preparing for today's "seudas halacha". That thing is supposedly kosher...


  1. Too bad he doesn't save it for Rosh Hashanah. The kids would have a great time playing with a "rosh ha-dag" like that!

  2. I think Shefa Shuk should start selling these before rosh hashana...

  3. Funny, as most poskim rule the swordfish is not kosher - it has scales when young but loses them before reaching adulthood. Then again, there are some who permit (it was sometimes eaten in Tunisia).

  4. "Swordfish play host to 49 different species of parasites. The parasites are located in their stomach and intestines, on their gills, on the surface of their body. Some parasites even bury themselves into the flesh of their host swordfish."


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