Jul 12, 2010

Breaking the stereotype

What Jewish guy would turn away a hard earned prize of a million dollars? I don't know any, and it definitely goes against the stereotypical depictions of the Jew.

Yet it happened.

Jewish Russian Mathemetician Grigory Perelman cracked some century old mathematical conundrum and by doing so won a million dollar prize.

And he rejected the prize.

At least he did so for a very Jewish reason.

Perelman rejected the prize because he felt the committee awarding the prize was not qualified to do so. he doesn't trust them, and he doesn't like their decisions. Spite always works for us Jews.

Grigory Perelman, the Russian mathematician who cracked a century-old geometric conundrum that has eluded the world's sharpest brains, has rejected a $1 million prize.

Perelman, also known as Grisha, snubbed the cash on principle. He is famously reclusive and has a history of declining awards. His decision is believed to be due to his mistrust of his fellow mathematicians and their qualifications to administer such honors.

"The main reason is my disagreement with the organized mathematical community," Perelman told Interfax, the Russian news agency. "I don't like their decisions; I consider them unjust."

1 comment:

  1. Stupid. Even if he doesn't want the money, he should take it and donate it to a worthy organization. Maybe in his case, an organization that helps fund better math education for kids.


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