Jul 28, 2010

Eidah in support of shawls

If anyone actually was pinning their hopes on the Eida being the ones to put an end to the Burqa phenomenon, they should start looking for a different solution.

Pashkevilim have gone up around Jerusalem in support of the women who wear "shals", covering their heads and bodies (the shal does not cover the face like the burqa, but is one step away from it).

The pashkevil (below) praises the women who have gone back to the minhag of not going out to the street not covered by a shal. The purpose of it is to increase the level of kedusha due to the increased level of tumah. The sign concludes by saying that the prayers of women who wear shals are answered above.

The pashkevilim are signed by the rabbonim of the Eida, including the Gaavad, Rav Weiss. So unless they are forgeries, it looks like the Eida is in support of this phenomenon, and I don't see why they would praise the shal and ban the burqa. It is definitely a reprint of an old pashkevil, as the date is a few years old, and some of the signatories are no longer with us in this world any longer...

What I would like to see is if the wives of all the signatories on the pashkevil wear the shals...

(source: Kikar)


  1. This is not kedushah it is a sickness, these people have to get their heads out of the gutter and stop being so sex obsessed (sorry for the bluntness). It is just one more step towards to total Talibanization of their new religion they are trying to pass off as Judaism.

  2. I think that those big boxes that refrigeraters are packed in are much more modest.

  3. The burkas are pretty bad but the 'shal' that they are referring to might not be what we think. There is a new style which is something like a cape worn over the regular clothes that comes down just past the waist (think of the European cops) with one button at the throat so that there you don't see the lines of the female chest. It has nothing to do with the face.


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