Jul 21, 2010

Ryno is the man!

Lou Piniella is gone. He has announced that at the end of the season he will be retiring from coaching the Chicago Cubs.

That means the job of manager is up for grabs. There have been a lot of names thrown about already... Here is my vote.

I say give Ryne Sandberg the job.

Ryno is one of the most popular choices, but probably the least likely of the choices. He is most popular because he is a popular figure in Chicago baseball. he represents playing the game how it should be played. He was a great player and the fans love him, and naturally want him as coach.

I have a different reason. In addition to that reason, that is.

Ryne Sandberg has been working his butt off to get an opportunity. Some guys with big names just come in, cash in no their name, and land big jobs very quickly. Whether or not they are any god.

Ryno has not done that. He was going to work his way up and learn the system from the bottom up. Ryno has spent 4 years working his way through the minor league system, with relative success.

He has shown dedication to the team, he knows the game, he knows the Cubs, and he has worked hard to put himself in position for this.

True, he has no big league experience, but you can only get that experience one way - by being given the job.

It is time for Ryne Sandberg to be brought up and given a shot at managing the Chicago Cubs.

Not just next year. I say give him the reigns right now. Let him get his feet wet right now, even if just as an assistant to Lou, since this season is basically done with anyway.

Ryno has worked hard, and it is time to move him up. This was the eventual goal anyway. Now is a perfect opportunity.

The Cubs have brought in big name managers the past few times they needed to fill the job, and those guys all failed, mostly miserably. Saying Ryno does not have enough experience is meaningless at this point for the Cubs - the guys with experience have not done anything successful, so it is time to try something new.

I vote Ryne Sandberg for Manager of the Cubs.


  1. You should change your blog name to: Life in Israel and Life as the last serious Cubs fan

  2. Another serious Cub fan here. Sorry, whatsinaname.

    Ryno will have to beat out Joe Girardi, another former Cub who has managed his team to the World Series, and Bob Brenly, who's currently in the TV booth, who also managed his team to the World Series.

    I'd also love to see Ryno in there, though.

  3. another cub fan here, for better or worse (my blog name even includes the cubs in it!)

    as long as we get to vote, i vote in Rafi G for the next manager. his talumudic experience should help in the strategy of the double-switch and the hit-and-run. his dedication to the cubs is unparalleled and, most notably, in his blogging about israel, he knows what it means to withstand trials and tribulations and persecution from other "teams". of course, the cubs' uniform being blue and white only excentuates Rafi's candidacy.

  4. as you can see, whats, I am not the last serious cubs fan...

    but to be honest, I should be disqualified as a cubs fan because I wrote that their season is already over. While I defended them in twitter saying they still have a chance to come back (Like the Sox did this past month), I still wrote what I wrote here (even though it was purely to promote Ryno and not because the season is really over for them)


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