Jul 20, 2010


Whoever doesn't want to drive on Highway 6 because of the traffic, can travel on other roads instead. Everybody knows about the roadworks, and drivers have a choice

--- Highway 6 Spokesperson

This typical response of "you don't like it go elsewhere" was said in response to complaints about the roadworks slowing down travel on the highway that was meant to cut travel time down a lot, and suggestions that the tolls should be discounted while the roadworks are in process.


  1. Discounting tolls during roadwork is an excellent idea, however I have never seen discounts on a toll road ANYWHERE in the world due to road work. The only time I have ever seen discounts on tolls are for:

    * residents of a particular area (Staten Island for example)
    * bulk buy or prepaid discounts (Sun-Pass, Ez-Pass, etc)
    * emergency situations (for example, during certain hurricanes the Florida turnpike discounts tolls to zero)

  2. Good point. The difference here is that Hwy 6 is the only road with a toll....

  3. it is the only road with a toll, and it was built specifically for the purpose of getting people to their destination quicker than the normal roads. less traffic and all that jazz. with roadworks causing serious traffic, you are not getting what you pay for.

  4. Rafi -- the road was built to make money. It is built by a FOR-PROFIT company.

    If it does not save any time, then people should stay off the road.

    highway 6 is a business -- the way to make change is to stop using their roads.

    if people keep using highway 6, even when it does not save any significant time, then why should they make a change? They have nothing to lose.

  5. RivkA - I have no problem with it in theory. Though, it is fairly common for businesses to compensate the customer when they have problems with supply or customer service. They usually dont just say go buy your product elsewhere. They usually say we want your business to stay with us, so we will compensate you now for your trouble.

    Regardless of that, the quote wasnt because I disagree with them on principle. Rather, the way they responded was very provocative and dismissive. They basically said "get lost, we are not interested". If they dont want to compensate and can get away with it, fine. They probably could have found a better way to say it.

  6. no surprise here... typical Israeli attitude non-assumption of respnsibility....place on the blame on your victim...

    if only they would have that attitude towards the UN as well... and not redo IDF war strategies bc of world opinion e.g. goldstone (see jpost today).

    Maybe after the 10,001st time they will learn that no matter what we do it will not be accepted...

  7. Oh spare me the "Israeli attitude, non-assumption of responsibility" stuff. You'd have received the same response from the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.

    I think you are all being unfair. Yes, they are in business for profit, yes they exist to save time (which usually it does) and yes, that is why people choose to pay to use this road. But also yes, maintenance is necessary in order to be able to continue doing what they do. Would you like it if they did NOT maintain or extend the road?

    What you would say if there was a regular traffic jam and was backed up? Would you say, "Well since you didn't save me any time, you should lower the toll!"?
    What an absurd suggestion. Road work is necessary. If you feel that right now it is not worth the price, don't use it right now. When the work is done, use it again. It's your choice.

    I think the only thing wrong was maybe the way it was said, but it wasn't wrong. They could have said:

    "We apologize for the temporary inconvenience this may cause. This work is necessary in order for us to continue providing you with the most hassle free travel in the country. We assure you this work is proceeding as quickly as possible so that you will soon be able to enjoy even better service. We realize that during this time, other highways might be a faster option, and we look forward to welcoming you back when the work is completed. Thank you for choosing Hwy 6!"


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