Jul 18, 2010

neener neener, Peres is a liar

It seems the wife of Turkish PM, Mrs. Erdogan herself, was insulted by the lies of Shimon Peres. They even made her cry.

Poor baby. We have been having to deal with Shimon Peres' lies for 62 years now... Get over it. You should have seen him as a politician. His lies as an apolitical president are nothing!


  1. The Turks are upset over Israel's arch appeaser. I wonder how much upset they are over Israel's hard-liners. By all means, make 'em cry harder!

  2. SP and rabbi O.YOSEF are the only 2 public people the chabad rebbi refused to see...

  3. True. Be careful. Look what happened to Nadia Matar, when she called a gov't official a name.


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