Jul 18, 2010


I try to avoid going into bookstores.

I am addicted to books, all books - Jewish, not Jewish, historical, biographies, fiction, etc, and have been known to way overspend on books whenever I walk into a bookstore. I try to avoid them. I don't even have that much time for book reading right now...

Like today I passed a bookstore and walked in out of curiosity. I ended up buying 3 books, and had to really control myself to not buy more than that.

1 comment:

  1. I completely sympathize with you. I also love books. There is something esthetic about picking up a new book for the first time, the feel, the look, and then opening up the pages, like archeological find!

    My husband .......... me about collecting. My only defense is that, "I read them ALL".

    We are definitely The People of the Book(s)!


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