Jul 28, 2010

Gun N Roses coming to Israel! (video)

When I was in yeshiva in high school (yes, in Telshe Yeshiva), my roommate got me hooked on Guns n Roses. I was a fan for a long time.

I don't care about all these other bozos who come to sing in Israel or cancel their performances (like some stupid band called The Gorillaz just canceled), but Guns n Roses is big.


  1. But Rafi, it is no longer Guns N' Roses. Its Axle Rose with a band of wannabes that are there because they can put up with the Diva. Guns N' Roses did evolve for a time into Velvet Revolver... but that is dead now too(mostly... there are few signs of life). Face it man its the end of an era.

  2. I wasnt aware of all that. I have not followed them for a very long time already...

  3. Thats the way to spend succos

  4. The year I was in Israel for yeshiva I saw GNR with Queen (without brian may) open for them. That was at hayarkon in Tel aviv. The new gnr is not the same. Glad to know that Israel is still on their list.


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